Friday, March 21, 2014

LA Lakers Inspired

 As you guys know by now I'm a

pinterest freak. I look for things

soon as I wake up , to before going

to bed. To the left is a picture I saw

and wanted to recreate. I felt I

I never experiment with color

enough. So I stared to do the exact

look but decided it was a little to

dull for me So therefore this lakers

look came about!

Now my brows are still not to my

liking but once I get my desired product

they be up to par. For now I use Wet n

wild Liner in mink brown and just

set them with a makeup sealer I know, smh.

I primed my eyes with nyx eye primer in

white. I used my naked basic palette color

in naked 2 as my transition color, and the

brightest yellow from my Bh Cosmetics

120 palette. A few coasts of maybeline

falsies mascara. On my face LA concealer

in fawn, using it as a foundation blending

it with my blending sponge. Setting it with

my Iman face powder. On my lips is my

Milani statement lipstick in Violet volt,

with liner in a plum color. I patted the a

white base on the middle blending it out

giving the lipstick a more vibrant color.

I really liked this look because it was very different from

my usual. 

Any other teams you guys want to see let me know.

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