Thursday, March 28, 2013

Summer essentials

Summer essentials

Who's excited for SUMMER??? I know I'm ecstatic about it, I jut feel this summer will be the best one. Maybe because I'm getting a car but even without that I still feel it will be a good one. Any who I know you guys are like dang can we get through spring first but I'm really excited for it. Only downfall about summer is the makeup melting heat whoo it gets so hot here that most of the time people stay in until at least 5 to do anything. On the bright side Summer is when all the cute fashion comes into play.

Here are some of my essentials for the summer.

Top Division:
Tanks, oversize tanks, crop tops,sheer shirts and tie front tops are the go to for the upcoming hot weather.
Make sure you have plenty of white tanks because these are so versatile and can make a new outfit everyday. Also put some colorful ones in there as well. Oversized tanks can be versatile to. Bikini cover ups, over a maxi dress or just by its self with and bandeau underneath. Crop tops paired with high-waist shorts and tie front shirts are just more pieces to add to your closet. Both work well with high waist shorts and skater skirts.

Bottoms Devision:

Now in the summer I know you want to be comfortable so leggings, high low skirts and anything flowy will be your go to pieces because they are weightless and comfortable. For my denim wearing girls high-waist shorts, distressed denim and colorful denim are in this season. It's always essential to have some sort of jean shorts for those causal days.

Shoe Division:

If you plan to be out a lot whether it's just hanging out with friends or shopping most of the summer whatever your activities are flats, oxfords, and sandals are for you. Wanna dress it up get some cute wedges and sandal heels for those date nights, or nights out on the town. Sneaker wedges are for those comfy casual days as well they put a twist on a girly look.

Accessories and other:
Accessories are essential for any season but for summer more is less due to the hot weather. Who wants to be swamped in ,because I know soon as that sun hits it boy will it burn you.   But my favorites are a cute pair of blockers, a big hat, cross body purse and clutches for those nights outs. AND we cant forget the BIKINI. I've went two years without getting in a bikini this year I will be in one lol. Mix and match patterns and colors have fun with it.

What are your summer fashion essentials and if you want to see a spring version of this post leave comments below.

Stay beautiful


Summer essentials by shalynn-nikki-moring featuring ondademar

Superdry woven shirt
$23 -

White tank
$29 -

Full tilt

Black tank top
$15 -

Melissa odabash
$120 -

Topshop shorts

Obey bandeau bikini

Forever 21

Brian Atwood high heel shoes
$1,110 -

Pastry trainers
$89 -

Beach shoes

Forever 21 wedge shoes

Beach sandals
$20 -

Juicy couture handbag

Envelope clutch
$31 -

$175 -


Friday, March 15, 2013

Modern Vampire

So the other day I was just playing in my clothes and

makeup and came up with this look. Simple outfit

but dark makeup (hence the title modern vampire).

I would say this is a modern vampire look because

of the outfit. It's not all dark but modernly cute.

Black blazer ,simple white tee and jeans.

Now I'm pretty sure most vampires don't walk

around in leopard heels but they gave the look a diva effect.

Now to the makeup I used my costal scents palette.

Dark brown in the crease with some shimmery purplish colors

with gold flecks. Black in the crease as well drawn out in a wing. I

put tape on the corner of my eye to get that perfect line. On my

lips I used cabernet pencil from costal scents and the deepest red

I could find also lined in black around the lips smudged a little so

there wouldn't be a line of demarcation.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures I seriously need to invest in some rechargeable batteries and there will be quality proofed wise.

Like this look let me know and if you have a look you think I should try email or tweet me.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Style Inspiration Ft Ciara and Teyana Taylor

 CIARA!!!! I've been a fan of her style and music since "GOODIES". I love the fact

that she's so versatile from her hair to her wardrobe. Dress it up, dress it down, tom

boy style this lady looks good in it all. Beyond beautiful she is. Maybe I'm a little

obsessed but who wouldn't be she's FREAKING GORGEOUS. I remember in her

"Oh" video I was in middle school and her cropped blue jacket I wanted one so

bad. I found not the same one it was green and yellow and man did I think I was the

stuff lol. Such an inspiration. I'm really obsessed with her tomboy style. Those abs

the hats, and the sneakers on this chick LAWD!! I will be  re creating some of her

looks this summer so be on the lookout for those.

  Isn't she stunning in the floor length gown. It's well fitting and she looks gorgeous in it.

 This hair cut was the reason behind my big chop I figured if she could rock a short cut so could. Yall thought I was lying when I said she's and inspiration guess again. A lot of my outfit choices comes from this chick right here.

 Miss TEY TEY. Another fashionista I adore. She's also another one who can be versatile with her looks. Although they're styles are similar they're both unique. I like Miss Taylor for her uniqueness. The picture to your right is prime example. That big curly hair is amazing I love it. I have to get her adidas to they are freaking awesome. My favorite outfit is the is the one to the right. Pullover, collar shirt, suspenders, jeans, sneakers, and a fedora ahh simply the kind of fashion I love.
 I will also be recreating some of her looks this summer as well.

Like this post?? Tell me I need to work on.

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