Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Style Inspiration Ft Ciara and Teyana Taylor

 CIARA!!!! I've been a fan of her style and music since "GOODIES". I love the fact

that she's so versatile from her hair to her wardrobe. Dress it up, dress it down, tom

boy style this lady looks good in it all. Beyond beautiful she is. Maybe I'm a little

obsessed but who wouldn't be she's FREAKING GORGEOUS. I remember in her

"Oh" video I was in middle school and her cropped blue jacket I wanted one so

bad. I found not the same one it was green and yellow and man did I think I was the

stuff lol. Such an inspiration. I'm really obsessed with her tomboy style. Those abs

the hats, and the sneakers on this chick LAWD!! I will be  re creating some of her

looks this summer so be on the lookout for those.

  Isn't she stunning in the floor length gown. It's well fitting and she looks gorgeous in it.

 This hair cut was the reason behind my big chop I figured if she could rock a short cut so could. Yall thought I was lying when I said she's and inspiration guess again. A lot of my outfit choices comes from this chick right here.

 Miss TEY TEY. Another fashionista I adore. She's also another one who can be versatile with her looks. Although they're styles are similar they're both unique. I like Miss Taylor for her uniqueness. The picture to your right is prime example. That big curly hair is amazing I love it. I have to get her adidas to they are freaking awesome. My favorite outfit is the is the one to the right. Pullover, collar shirt, suspenders, jeans, sneakers, and a fedora ahh simply the kind of fashion I love.
 I will also be recreating some of her looks this summer as well.

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