Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day to Night

This is my day to night looks using the Chloe and Isabel jewelry line. I really love the statement

pieces so I build the outfits around them. The day outfit is something I'm obsessing over now, 

KIMONOS! The kimono is from Body Central as well as the tank top.The shorts are from Top Shop 

and shoes from Charlotte Russe. I choose to use the SeaScape Collar Necklace for a color block of 

coral and blue.Also if  you like that necklace hurry and get it before times out, it's limited edition. I 

added the gold accessories of the Multi row snake chain bracelet  and the Organic open circle drop 

earrings. For makeup I choose and everyday smokey eye with nude lips, and for a hair a messy or 

neat bun.

For night time you want to add a bit more glam so for this look I build the wardrobe around the Deco 

Crystal cluster drama neckalce . This piece just scream fabulous. It makes an outfit look expensive 

without being expensive. Peplums are all the rave right now. You can dress them up or down. Since 

its for a night look we're dressing it up! I really like the quarter length sleeves so if it's quite chill in 

your setting you'll be able to stay somewhat warm. The color is perfect for spring/summer . There 

wasn't a link for the top but check your local department stores, as well as Charlotte Russe they are 

know for their peplums. The shorts are from Forever New. I added mint colored shoes because I just 

love mixing colors. The shoes are from Charlotte Russe . Since you already have a statement piece 

you want to keep your other accessories at a minimum. So with a statement necklace you want to do 

studs, or pearls as your earring. So here I choose the Pave Ball stud earrings and a link bracelet. 

 For makeup I choose to darken the smokey eye and add some pink to to the nude lips. A top knot or 

bun will be great to pull this look together.

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Hope you enjoyed this post.


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Friday, March 21, 2014

Chloe and Isabel

 *Disclaimer these are not my personal pictures.

     Let me say that I'm happy to announce that
I've recently become a merchandiser for
a company called Chloe and Isabel.
Chloe and Isabel was founded by Chantel 
Waterbury with the idea of  "empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail. Our handcrafted jewelry is sold exclusively through our Merchandisers in order to give them a more meaningful opportunity to make money and build out their resumes with
 valuable skills."

The names Chloe and Isabel

represent a friendship between

two girls with two senses of style.

Chloe is more the daring fashionista

and Isabel enjoys more classic

pieces.  We have hand crafted

unique pieces you can't find

anywhere else. To your right is one

of our statement pieces (which I

love this collection). We have a

variety of collections from your everyday essentials to our bigger luxe pieces.

Add caption
We also have a host opportunity .

During the host opportunity you

can earn a chance to receive a free

piece of jewelry. All you have to

do is find a merchandiser in your

area ask can you host a pop up


Any question please feel free to email me.
Another reason to purchase

Chloe and Isabel jewelry is that we

have a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Here's what that entails.

Quality is a beautiful thing! We are confident that our products will be of the utmost quality and will last a lifetime. So at Chloe + Isabel we offer a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.
If you ever experience a defect with one of your Chloe + Isabel pieces, we will replace it at no cost to you. Important points about our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: 
  1. Jewelry may be returned for replacement due to a manufacturer’s defect.
  2. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee does not cover lost jewelry.
  3. Replacements must be handled directly through Chloe + Isabel and not through your Merchandiser.
  4. Pieces purchased through auxiliary websites are subject to that company’s policies; however, we will do our best to coordinate with that website to provide you with a replacement.

Our jewelry is also nickel free, hypoallergenic and lead safe.

How sold are you on chloe and isabel? My personal pieces will be posted throughout my instagram Shalynn_collete or lipstick__chanel. I'd love for you guys to check out my boutique and with mother's day, prom ,wedding season, and graduation coming give that special girl in your life something special. Shop Here!

Remember any questions email me.

Which are you an Chloe or Isabel?

I'm a bit between both I love daring pieces as well as my timeless pieces. It's time to update that jewelry collection and invest in some pieces that gives you a lifetime guarantee. 

Thanks in advance! xoxox

LA Lakers Inspired

 As you guys know by now I'm a

pinterest freak. I look for things

soon as I wake up , to before going

to bed. To the left is a picture I saw

and wanted to recreate. I felt I

I never experiment with color

enough. So I stared to do the exact

look but decided it was a little to

dull for me So therefore this lakers

look came about!

Now my brows are still not to my

liking but once I get my desired product

they be up to par. For now I use Wet n

wild Liner in mink brown and just

set them with a makeup sealer I know, smh.

I primed my eyes with nyx eye primer in

white. I used my naked basic palette color

in naked 2 as my transition color, and the

brightest yellow from my Bh Cosmetics

120 palette. A few coasts of maybeline

falsies mascara. On my face LA concealer

in fawn, using it as a foundation blending

it with my blending sponge. Setting it with

my Iman face powder. On my lips is my

Milani statement lipstick in Violet volt,

with liner in a plum color. I patted the a

white base on the middle blending it out

giving the lipstick a more vibrant color.

I really liked this look because it was very different from

my usual. 

Any other teams you guys want to see let me know.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Summer Loving!

 Today's Look was a bit free handed!

Blues, oranges and and lime green. I been on

pinterest surfing again looking for a colorful

look and just decided to free hand.

I started with my priming my face with my elf

face primer. I used the dark brown in wet n wild's

brow/liner pencil. Lightly filling it in , higlighting

the bottom with my LA concealer in cool tan.

Next I primed my eyes with NYX's white shadow

base. Going in my crease with a dark orange in

120 palette making sure to blend! Putting a

mixture of a dark matte blue and a dark shimmer

blue on my lid. Saw how dark the shadow was

and decided to ad a light shimmery aqua to my

lids. Now my intentions was to leave it as is but

playing around I added lime green to the inner

corner of my eyes. I did have on lashes but they

were to big for my face lol. Drag queen lashes are not for me. So I removed them making the wing

thicker and adding a few more coats of mascara.

 On my face I used LA concealer

in fawn all over my face setting it

with my Iman powder. I used a burnt

orange color from my bh cosmetics

blush palette. On my lips is costal

scents liner in expresso mixed with

Mac's Angel ( which is my now

must have). I love this lipstick and

have been choosing it over my bold

colors. My intentions was to add

Milani's violet volt but seeming

as Angel is my favorite I went with

 I hope you guys

enjoyed this look.

I'm so ready for bold

and bright summer


I also set it Urban

Decay setting spray

for Oily skin and I don't

think it's working for

me. My skin looks

super oily in these pics.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Evolution of My Style

Before I get started let me just say I'm mortified to show you guys these pictures but realizing we all

have to grow into our own. This post is mainly about how much I've grown into my fashion sense.

Let the embarrasment

begin! Where do I start with the big ass hat or

outfit it's self. Why didn't nobody tell me

was not OK! lol That short hair does not mix

with that hat . Well in my eyes it doesn't.

Then that god awful top and skirt. I'm so

disgusted lol . Look at my shoes (tyrna be

cute). My ankles do not look good in these heels

they were cute shoes

but no mam those do not work with

that!. The right picture is a major

throwback before the hair cut ,

before the baby , everything.

One I had on tank top with a tub

top. Mainly because at the time I

wasn't comfortable with having

my back out. Then I had on some

Bermuda cut off shorts lol smh.

Last picture was my

19th birthday when I

was just getting into

makeup . Eyebrows not

done no foundation,

lipstick or nada. I will

never be caught

dressed up without

my face done now.

Now I do go out

without makeup when

I'm just running errands.

Lets start with that god

forsaken ugly off the

shoulder shirt ughh. On

top of that it has sexy

written on it. Why just why ! Then I had the nerve to put double hoops in my ears. I was just screaming for help.

I'm just happy I stepped out my comfort zone, became more confident in my style.Below are just a

few pictures of my recent outfits. The one in the orange cami and harem pants is what really put my

confidence back on the map. I think this outfit really took my style back to the top. I had so many

compliments on this outfit . I think the biggest thing for me was money. I'm a single mother I didn't

work, so I couldn't always get the latest things, or buy new things all the time. With that being said

I found a way around it. PLATO'S! I first discovered Plato's by my aunt one weekend I stayed over

and didn't have any extra clothes to go to school so we went to platos. In all honesty I was a spoiled

child , my grandmother would buy me all kinds of clothes and shoes. So used clothes were never

appeasing to me. I was just to big headed to "thrift shop". But we walked in Plato's and I feel in love.

So I've been on the Plato's bandwagon for about maybe four years now. I'm a bargainista I live for

thrifting, there's so many things you can take and make several outfits out of. Anyway I'm rambling

but that's how this outfit came about.
This is just a collage of recent outfits. As you can see I'm versatile. I hate just having one style to

define. I want to be that person where the critics have no clue how to describe me. I feel once your

style is defined you become predictable. People know what to expect from you. With me you never

know. Although I lean a lot towards tomboy, I'm just a lot comfortable that way. But I like getting

cute and being girly as well. My sister always tell me I'm so colorful and that she wishes she could

pull off my style. But she could if she was to ever step out her comfort zone of your everyday

neutrals. Not gone lie to I dressed in all black one day and it just made me feel more professional,

although I had my pop of color.

The purpose of this post was really for me to see how much I've grown. I love the person I'm

becoming. It's not what about other people think of you it's what you think and accept about yourself.

Confidence comes from within. Take risks and forget the haters. I get stared at all the time and it

makes me feel good. Where I'm from everyone looks the same and sometimes I see a few rocking a

few of my looks, but that's inspiration. I never try to be a follower I aim for leadership.  Own your

style, WERK GIRL!

We all have to grow and in a few years when I'm a little older and my style has changed again I'll

look back at the recent pics and think the same thing I thought of the throwback pics. Life is about

growing. As you grow your style is forever changing.