Friday, March 21, 2014

Chloe and Isabel

 *Disclaimer these are not my personal pictures.

     Let me say that I'm happy to announce that
I've recently become a merchandiser for
a company called Chloe and Isabel.
Chloe and Isabel was founded by Chantel 
Waterbury with the idea of  "empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail. Our handcrafted jewelry is sold exclusively through our Merchandisers in order to give them a more meaningful opportunity to make money and build out their resumes with
 valuable skills."

The names Chloe and Isabel

represent a friendship between

two girls with two senses of style.

Chloe is more the daring fashionista

and Isabel enjoys more classic

pieces.  We have hand crafted

unique pieces you can't find

anywhere else. To your right is one

of our statement pieces (which I

love this collection). We have a

variety of collections from your everyday essentials to our bigger luxe pieces.

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We also have a host opportunity .

During the host opportunity you

can earn a chance to receive a free

piece of jewelry. All you have to

do is find a merchandiser in your

area ask can you host a pop up


Any question please feel free to email me.
Another reason to purchase

Chloe and Isabel jewelry is that we

have a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Here's what that entails.

Quality is a beautiful thing! We are confident that our products will be of the utmost quality and will last a lifetime. So at Chloe + Isabel we offer a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.
If you ever experience a defect with one of your Chloe + Isabel pieces, we will replace it at no cost to you. Important points about our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee: 
  1. Jewelry may be returned for replacement due to a manufacturer’s defect.
  2. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee does not cover lost jewelry.
  3. Replacements must be handled directly through Chloe + Isabel and not through your Merchandiser.
  4. Pieces purchased through auxiliary websites are subject to that company’s policies; however, we will do our best to coordinate with that website to provide you with a replacement.

Our jewelry is also nickel free, hypoallergenic and lead safe.

How sold are you on chloe and isabel? My personal pieces will be posted throughout my instagram Shalynn_collete or lipstick__chanel. I'd love for you guys to check out my boutique and with mother's day, prom ,wedding season, and graduation coming give that special girl in your life something special. Shop Here!

Remember any questions email me.

Which are you an Chloe or Isabel?

I'm a bit between both I love daring pieces as well as my timeless pieces. It's time to update that jewelry collection and invest in some pieces that gives you a lifetime guarantee. 

Thanks in advance! xoxox

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