Thursday, October 3, 2013


Here are the rules

1. NO DIRECT or INDIRECT HEAT (brow dryers, flat irons, hooded dryers, or curling irons/wands)

2. Drink 6-8 cups of water a day (hair growth starts from the inside out)

3. Take a multivitamin Daily (One a Day Womens, Hair, Skin, and Nails, etc)

4. Deep Condition 1x per week

5. Wash your hair 1-2x per week

So I'm going to try the no heat challenge and see what happens. It's going to be a challenge because I'm lazy when it comes to my hair. So I'd have to go on youtube to find hairstyles.

I'll also be tracking what I'm using and eating. Right now it's a trial and error process because this would be my first time doing it and i have to figure out what products will work for my hair.

Join me in my challenge and document your success. Hope all is well. Stay Beautiful!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hair Journey Oct,2,2013

 So I've cut my hair numerous times from the time I

was in 10th grade. My hair was never short but it

was about the middle of my back length. After I

graduated high school I cut all my hair off  don't ask why lol guess I wanted something different.

I loved it for a couple of months until I decided I was going to grow it out ughh what a pain.

Those awkard growing out stages lol. But the

pictures you see are where I'm official starting my

healthy hair journey on relaxed hair. As you can see it's a bit damaged and my ends needed a trim. I ended up trying to trim it myself but um no I'll never do that again lol. So only thing I'll be going to the beauty salon is for trims every month or 2.

My goal is to achieve bra strap length by the new year. I don't have a long ways to go. Also my overall goal is to maintain healthy hair.

I'll be doing updates, and posts on my regimen and everything else.

If you have been on a hair journey please share tips, or advice.

I'd love to see you guys progress.

Stay beautiful.

My next post will be on products and my regimen.