Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentines Day Look #1

Really been dying to do a purple look. I've been on pinterest and youtube just looking up and down

for an makeup look I had to try. So I came across NitraaB chanell and was inspired. Her look was a

neutral color on the lids and purple in the crease . Here's my inspired remixed version.

For starters here's a break down of what I used:

On my eyes:
    Ulta Mouse Foundation Buff Nude and Nyx Eyeshadow      base in white
 Coastal scents Smokey Palette
      Nyx Jersey Palette
     A Pink Liquid liner

On My face:
Revlon colorstay foundation
 Iman Pressed Powder

Kiss Lipstick in Coral
Topped with a Pink Frosty Lipgloss

 This look is wearable for any occasion but could be special for Valentines day. The purple and pink oh so romantic.

I hope you like this look. Sorry for the short post.

Look #2 will be posted soon.

Stay Beautiful xoxo

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sweet and Simple

I've been MIA from the blogging world for various reasons, but here's a sweet beat you dolls can

enjoy along with a mini review.

 As you can see my hair is turquoise and I've been looking for the right makeup look to pull off with this hair (thank god it's going back black friday). Only thing that would work would be winged liner and dark lips which can get very boring. I'm a very bright and colorful person so I love wearing any color lipstick but not every color goes with my hair. On top of that I've been searching high and low for the best nude combination for me. I honestly feel dark lips are better for me but sometimes I like to keep it classy and tone it down. Now my mua partner introduce to a beauty supply brand called nanacoco. OMG that gloss formula is heaven in a tube. I will go into more details later but girl just know you need to get the whole collection. 

Now for the makeup as I've stated before I love being 

vibrant and colorful but not everything looks good on myself, so I searched for a natural 

makeup look for woc (women of color) and didn't find to much. 

So for my eyes I used my coastal 88 palette. Nothing major the darkest brown in the crease 

and a mixture of a gold shimmer brown and a few matte browns. On my face I tried the Ruby 

Kisses 3d Face corrector in shade 12. Now maybe I need to go a shade lighter because 

my highlight and contour was not as noticeable as I wanted. But practice makes perfect right 

and I can add it into my freelance kit so no money lost.

Now for my lips I used a combination of Nicka K Nyx and Nana CoCo, lol didn't realize how 

how they all started with N till now haha CRAY! Below are a picture of the products I used. The Nicka K Lip color Satin can be worn by itself but I used it as an liner, went in over with Nyx's round lipstick in honey topped off with the NanaCoco lipgloss in Cappuccino.

I haven't tried any of the by there self but that NANACOCO lipgloss girl that is bomb!

It smells like the warm vanilla sugar scent from Bath and Body Works, and it's not sticky it's more of an creamy lipstick. Color payoff AAAAAAMAZZZZZE BALLS!!! Only thing I didn't like was the nasty line most lipglosses create but I have a way to fix that. Overall it's a pretty damn good lipgloss for only2.99. Add a few to your collection as well as your kit. I know I will they have this black and silver lipgloss I want so both of those will be in my possession asap. Find them in your local beauty supply store. For 2.99 you can't beat that and I hate to say it but I like it better than the lipglasses from MAC, my opinion and preference though. It's also not as shiny as lipglosses, like I said previously I can really be worn on it on maybe with the help of a little liner. So how many of you are going to check out your local beauty supply store now. Shoutout to my Mua partner for putting me on those two brands. I absoluteness love and highly recommend them.

Here is a picture of the actual products. Left to righ Nyx (honey) Nicka K and NanaCoco (cappuccino)

Top swatch Cappuccino middle Nicka K and bottom honey.

To my fellow brown skin beauties here are some Woc friendly nudes. 

What did you guys think of this look, and what looks do you want to see. Leave comments :)

Stay Beautiful and Keep it cute!