Sunday, May 18, 2014

Overnight diaster made succes!

So I'm pretty sure we've all those nights we stayed over someone's house unexpectedly .  Having to 

sleep in your clothes, or worse your makeup.  It's been times where I had to settle for a tshirt and 

sleep in pounds of makeup, just awful. Waking up with eyeliner smudged foundation left on the 

pillow or couch , talk about emabarrasment.

Well here's the fix to raccoon eyes and bad breath the morning after. 

Overnight bags! Find a cute duffel bag or big enough purse to put all the essentials in.

Victoria Secret, Ross,TJ Max, any store like those you can find some pretty cute overnight bag.

 I know you're reading this like ok we get it overnight bag is important,but how can it benefit it you

if it's at home. The key is leaving it in the trunk of your car or on your backseat. This eliminates the 

process of packing one and/or forgetting it if it's already packed.
Whether you're staying over a boo's house or a night at your girlfriends here's some things to carry.

Any skin care products you use: When going shopping get two of whatever skin care products you use, and if on a budget like me get travel size products,

Makeup remover wipes: This can replace skin care products if you just want to cleanse your face of

makeup just for the night,

Change of clothes: This can come in handy if you have somewhere to be the next day and may not want to go home to change. But the essential clothing to pack would be a tshirt and jeans.

Pair of flat shoes: Essential after a hard night of partying. I'm pretty sure you do not want to drive home in 6 in heels.

Deodorant: Self Explanatory

Tooth Brush/Mouthwash: In my case I would pack toothpaste and mouth wash because I like a certain toothpaste.

Pjs: Pants are preferable because you never know how cool a person may keep their house. Throw in a pair of socks as well.

Those are all the essentials but me personally I'd add some few items.

Here are my extras:

An overnight makeup bag:
I'll do a separate post on what to carry in an overnight makeup bag.


Hair ties, wraps


Those are just a few things. Every person's bag will be different depending on their needs. Now with these products being in your car especially during the summer season be sure to check products and make sure everything is still good to use.

What are somethings you would add? Leave comments.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ocean Candy Inspired look

The makeup you see by the video here. I tried to find a picture but I couldn't but if you go to her instagram you can see the inspiration. Her IG name is theglamagal. I came accross her youtube while browsing for WOC makeup tutorials. I've already done one but this was the one I was most excited to do.
 On my eyes I used. The usual primer, and bh cosmetics 120 palette

first edition. I used a royal ocean blue in my crease. Mixing a light

blue and light turquoise color. It didn't give me the affect I wanted

so I used my elf makeup set and seal and applied another turqoise

from that palette. Then going back in with that royal blue and

darkening the crease.

It doesn't show in the pictures but I used a nyx glitter line in a gold

to add a more dramatic affect.

For my lashes I cut half of one and just added it to my outer lashes

to add more drama to the look. On the lower lash

line I used a mixture of lime greens, and yellow.

For my lips I used coastal scents liner  in espresso then going

over it with milani's lipstick in raspberry rush then going over

it with Milani's lipstick in rose hip!

Face and eyebrows are still the same as before.

Hoping to do more makeup looks for you guys and tutorial soon.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Black Dhalia

 I've been obsessing over bold lips lately! I've been trying to find a way to wear the oh so daring

black lipstick . Although mine is really liner , eyeshadow and clear gloss. For this look I got

inspiration from a youtuber by the name of The Island Beauty. She did a video of goth glam and

instantly I was sold.

Now truth be told I'm one to step out my comfort zone but this is way out my comfort zone. I

always thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off because of my complexion, but I think it suited me.

However I didn't like that much. Maybe it was a little to dark even for me. I'm one of those makeup

artist that likes to keep it simple. Lol weird I know, but I like natural makeup more than anything. I'll

play in colors and experiment but on the usual I'll grab for my naked basics palette.

On to the products:

On my eyes I used my usual primer Nyx in white
Using Crave from the Naked Basics creating a triangle shape but not going all the way into the crease.
In the crease I used faint blending it out and using venus as my highlight

I used a lilac purple from on of the Nyx run way palette which is now all broken. I was so mad because I hardly used that palette now to of the shadows from it are gone.

For my lips I used Nyx Liner in black, lining my entire lips. Then applying crave all over . For finishing touches I added a clear gloss with shimmer.

My face and brows are still the same from previous post.


Thank you taking the time out and reading my post!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One skirt Three Outfits

 So lately I've been putting together

outfits on Polyvore. Until recently I

had an epiphany . I said to myself

"why put together imaginary

clothing I won't be able to buy".

So today in the midst of my

excitement I grabbed some clothes

and put three outfits together out of

one skirt.

Casual, formal, and semi casual.

The main piece the skirt came from

Marshall's. My all time favorite place

to shop. 

The top and shoes from Plato's, the

purse from another consignment

store, and the vest was giving to me.

I thought the tee and vest would add

a very casual feel to the skirt.

Dressing it down but empahsizing it

with the leopard. 

Next outfit is more formal. Top and

shoes from Plato's and belt from

Charlotte Russe. The peplum top

adds a more girly feel accentuating the waist line with and black belt with gold accents.

The pop of purple adds color to the look making it not so chic but fun and chic.

The last which was loved by my IG

followers the most. A sheer mint top

embellished with gold studding.

This top if I can recall came from

Ross. I added the leopard shoes to

give the outfit more attitude.

Now in my fashion days I would

rock a small round floppy hat with

this look but to each is own.. It's

dressy but still casual . Girly but not overdoing it. I'm a tomboy at heart but I live for a semi girly fit.

I will be putting on all of these outfits and showing what they look like live!



 This look was created

out of boredom. I

wanted to try the blue

lips more now because

I recently just colored

my back black.

It's rare you'll see me

with black hair.I must

admit it's growing on

me. I can do more

colorful looks without

worrying about it

clashing with my hair.

( Im just noticing the

unblendend highlight,

my apologies.)

Now lets get to the products.
  Eyes I used: Nyx

white base primer.

Urban decay naked

basics on my lids.

Using faint in my c

crease, mixing

naked 2 w.o.s, and

venus. Going over it

twice with venus.

My usual liquid

liner and my brows

are filled in with a

wet and wild liner.

On my lips I used a

cream eyeshadow

from a revlon palette mixing it with the darkest blue from my bh cosmetics palette.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post I will try to post more consistently .