Friday, May 16, 2014

Black Dhalia

 I've been obsessing over bold lips lately! I've been trying to find a way to wear the oh so daring

black lipstick . Although mine is really liner , eyeshadow and clear gloss. For this look I got

inspiration from a youtuber by the name of The Island Beauty. She did a video of goth glam and

instantly I was sold.

Now truth be told I'm one to step out my comfort zone but this is way out my comfort zone. I

always thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off because of my complexion, but I think it suited me.

However I didn't like that much. Maybe it was a little to dark even for me. I'm one of those makeup

artist that likes to keep it simple. Lol weird I know, but I like natural makeup more than anything. I'll

play in colors and experiment but on the usual I'll grab for my naked basics palette.

On to the products:

On my eyes I used my usual primer Nyx in white
Using Crave from the Naked Basics creating a triangle shape but not going all the way into the crease.
In the crease I used faint blending it out and using venus as my highlight

I used a lilac purple from on of the Nyx run way palette which is now all broken. I was so mad because I hardly used that palette now to of the shadows from it are gone.

For my lips I used Nyx Liner in black, lining my entire lips. Then applying crave all over . For finishing touches I added a clear gloss with shimmer.

My face and brows are still the same from previous post.


Thank you taking the time out and reading my post!

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