Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In the Mood for Nude!

I've been searching and searching for the perfect nude

pink lip. The rave was all about about Mac's Angel

AKA Kim K's favorite . With me being slight obsessed

with her makeup I had to try it out myself. First Idk

how many youtube videos I watched, how many

Pinterest post I looked before I was convinced. I was

dying to get to the MAC counter to get this baby and

my luck they had it in stock! I know I know I could've

ordered it online but seriously I could not wait. I have

been on this search forever, so why wait for a package

to come raising my anxiety even more.  In

different setting this lipstick can look many ways. On

the right you see pretty baby pink when in reality

it's a more darker neutral , more flesh tone.  Lighting

and different photography equipment makes it look

different. As you can see at the bottom left how it

appears more nude. Why did I start this habit? I've

bought two MAC lipsticks this week and have an

urgency to buy two more the weekend! Help! My

addiction is becoming reckless. But can you blame

me. Their lipsticks are so creamy and smell oh so

delish! I paired it with costal scents mauve liner and

an off brand lipgloss I think you can get them out of

Lane Bryant.

My eyes are simple. I

used Bh cosmetics 120

Palette (the original). I

used a mixture of a pale

yellow and rose gold

color from the second

layer on my lid. With

navy mixed with black

in the crease.

My face is the same as

in previous posts.

Revlon colorstay

foundation, and Iman

pressed powder.

Brows filled in with

dark brown shadow

gone over with elf's

brow duo in medium.

Hope you guys liked this post!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

TIps For Shopping WIth Young Children

This post is influenced on some personal experiences, along with trial and error. If you don't know I

I have a three year old son, and he's all boy. When I say all boy I mean no patience, always climbing

on things, always running etc.. I honest to God hated shopping with him but how's a kid

suppose to know how to behave in public if you never take them out. I would come home infuriated

with a banging headache because by the end of the shopping trip he's done everything he possibly can

to aggravate me. Being that he's my first child and I'm a young mother I have more patience for him.

Lol my son is just a wild child, and I let him be a boy. I refuse to continuously yell at him or give a

spanking in public. But don't get it twisted when he most absolutely deserves it he gets disciplined.

Lately now that we go shopping he really has no patience. Soon as we walk in a store its "Ma I wanna

go outside" lol. But I'm rambling on so let's get to the tips.

1. Always always make sure they use the bathroom before you go out. And if they're just learning

how to go to the potty have a spare change of clothes. This to was a trial and error situation. My

grandmother would tell me all the time to make sure he had a change a clothes. And that moment I

would forget there goes an accident!

2. Pack a snack bag and kid size bottle of their favorite beverage. This keeps them occupied while

you're shopping, and depending on where you're at please watch their little grabby hands. Because if

you're in a clothing store the last thing you want to to do is pay for something your child destroyed

with a stain.

3. Let the child interact with the shopping. I always let J pay and put things on the counter. It also

teaches them that nothing is free. Only thing I don't do is let him swipe my card and press any

buttons. Maybe once he's a little older then we can move to that stage. Also if you're paying with cash

and get any change back that's a dollar give it to the child. You can spare it stop being selfish lol.Tell

the child that they can buy anything they want that's a dollar. I gave my son a dollar and that just

made his day. He walked in the shoe store in hopes of buying some shoes, he held the dollar out to

the sales lady, it was so cute.  He ended buying a soda with ( this was the only time I let him have

soda) . So let them interact whether its shopping for groceries or clothes. Have  them put things on

the counter and maybe even carry the bags if they want. This prevents them from being bored.

4. Now I don't use a stroller, or those back packs with the leashes, that's just something I do not care

for. Always make sure to hold your child's hand and if be said you let them wonder around make

sure they're in your sight. Nothing fears a parent more than losing a child due to an abduction.

However if the child turns up and just happened to be somewhere in the store explain to them why

it's important to stay with you. If you can restrain from a spanking because let's be honest they're

just kids and what to kids like to do ,explore!

These are just some things I practice. I would like to know if you have any tips of your own.  The big

thing to me is interaction. The more they get to interact the less of a headache the shopping trip will

be. All these drift from them having tantrums in the middle of the store and everyone's looking at

you and your child. We've all been there and we've all been the people who's looking. It's quite

embarrassing when it's your child. Also pack a light snack for yourself as well a water bottle. Keeps

your energy up with you child. Don't forget to pack wipes! This is something I have yet to do myself.

Wipes come quite in handy, remember  that snack in tip 1 , depending on the snack you will have to

clean you kid's hands.

If you enjoyed this post let me know in a comment below, also leave your tips.

There will be a post on dealing with screaming children while shopping next. As well as grocery

shopping with your kids.


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Sunday, February 16, 2014

First date crisis!


            Now considering all my readers are adults or if not all my younger readers may relate to this post as well. First date my goodness are they an annoyance. You’re nervous, overwhelmed, and all these other emotions you just can’t fathom.  I want to take you from those emotions to having a successful, confident date.
            First don’t be afraid to ask someone out, its 2014 ask that person out! If they reject you the hell with them they’re missing out on an awesome person.  Now with an acceptance please don’t suggest movie and dinner. With the thought of it being all romantic and such it’s boring and cliché for a first date. Here are the reasons why: A first date is supposed to about getting to know that person.  How can you do that in a lightly dimmed place, quietly talking over a big ass table as well as trying to get a decent conversation in between bites? BORING! Then to a movie afterwards, this is self-explanatory.  Offer an adventurous date where you’re both active, and that personality of yours just beams. 
            Adventurous dates can range from mini golf, rock climbing, even chatting over ice cream is better than dinner and a movie.  In this setting you’re not forced to put on some fancy get up and you get to be yourself.  And competition is always fun. Don’t control the conversation either like an interview process. Initiate conversation and allow your date to ask questions, and have a response. No one wants to go on date and all you’re talking about is yourself. Be a listener as well. Eye contact, smiling, are great body languages that send off a good vibe.  No talk about ex’s , children (if you have any) or anything from the past. It’s really rude bringing up your ex or past. It gives the vibe that your not over them obviously because you brought them up. They’re an ex for an reason, if you still have feelings for said ex do not force yourself on a date just to get over them. Nothing is ever good rushed. But more will be talked about this in another post.  I say no talking about your kids because in my opinion you want the person to get to know you first before ruling out if they want to date you or not because you have kids. It’s sad but it’s true the minute someone may mention kids the other person may be turned off due to the fact of them of the extra baggage that comes with the kids. Extra baggage could be an ex husband/ ex wife or just the father/ mother of the kids. Not knowing if there will be drama or not so it draws the person away from you. Good topics would be anything from their interests, hobbies, jobs etc.  The job topic should not be an “Where do you work, how much do you make” rather it should be “What do you do, and how did you get into that?” The question gives opportunity to offer a more in depth response.  
Basically good conversation and fun is all you need for a successful date that hopefully leads to a second.  If you guys have more tips feel free to leave them in the comments.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cat Eye!

Giving you drama darling!

Today was one of those hey I want to get out

my comfort zone and try something  new!

I was inspired by a picture I found on pinterest,

which by the way I use for everything.

However my look got more dramatic than the


The picture  you

see to the right

was my inspiration. Now as you see her look has drama but not

at all as dramatic as mine. But a little drama never hurt anybody.

First attempt  at a cat eye but hey practice makes first for anything.
 On to my look:

I started out with a small shape in the crease with a

eyeliner pencil. TIP! Make sure whatever eyeliner

you're using goes on smoothly.Nothing worse than

going over your eye with a sketchy eye liner pencil

not to mention it drags the sking. No bueno!

Going over the eyeliner with a matte black eye

shadow. Blending is  key but don't blend to much

you lose the shape.  Filling in the lid with that same

black shadow making sure to cover the lid. Patting

the color on

the lid to give more emphasis on the black.

The winged part was really a spontaneous moment.

 I did not like the final shape so winging it out

was perfect. Drawing a triangular shape near the

tear duct and just filling it in. The highlight is

something I would change going for a more skin

tone color. I added black liquid liner (why idk)

but on top of that I added NYX glitter liner in a

a gold. My brows are filled in with a dark brown

shadow and went over it with elf's brow duo in


I added a few sparse lashes to the outter corner of

my lid. On my lips I outline them with a black liner

blending with my fingers and going over it with my

Milani's lipstick in Black Cherry.

My foundation is Revlon colorstay in toast ( I

usually use carmel but I'm out so in the mean time).

My Powder I used was Iman in earth dark. Setting it

with elf's makeup spray. 

 I hope you enjoyed this look! Send me pictures you

would like for to recreate at beautybeyondface@gmail.com. Also follow my

instagram @shalynn_collete.