Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In the Mood for Nude!

I've been searching and searching for the perfect nude

pink lip. The rave was all about about Mac's Angel

AKA Kim K's favorite . With me being slight obsessed

with her makeup I had to try it out myself. First Idk

how many youtube videos I watched, how many

Pinterest post I looked before I was convinced. I was

dying to get to the MAC counter to get this baby and

my luck they had it in stock! I know I know I could've

ordered it online but seriously I could not wait. I have

been on this search forever, so why wait for a package

to come raising my anxiety even more.  In

different setting this lipstick can look many ways. On

the right you see pretty baby pink when in reality

it's a more darker neutral , more flesh tone.  Lighting

and different photography equipment makes it look

different. As you can see at the bottom left how it

appears more nude. Why did I start this habit? I've

bought two MAC lipsticks this week and have an

urgency to buy two more the weekend! Help! My

addiction is becoming reckless. But can you blame

me. Their lipsticks are so creamy and smell oh so

delish! I paired it with costal scents mauve liner and

an off brand lipgloss I think you can get them out of

Lane Bryant.

My eyes are simple. I

used Bh cosmetics 120

Palette (the original). I

used a mixture of a pale

yellow and rose gold

color from the second

layer on my lid. With

navy mixed with black

in the crease.

My face is the same as

in previous posts.

Revlon colorstay

foundation, and Iman

pressed powder.

Brows filled in with

dark brown shadow

gone over with elf's

brow duo in medium.

Hope you guys liked this post!


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