Sunday, February 16, 2014

First date crisis!


            Now considering all my readers are adults or if not all my younger readers may relate to this post as well. First date my goodness are they an annoyance. You’re nervous, overwhelmed, and all these other emotions you just can’t fathom.  I want to take you from those emotions to having a successful, confident date.
            First don’t be afraid to ask someone out, its 2014 ask that person out! If they reject you the hell with them they’re missing out on an awesome person.  Now with an acceptance please don’t suggest movie and dinner. With the thought of it being all romantic and such it’s boring and cliché for a first date. Here are the reasons why: A first date is supposed to about getting to know that person.  How can you do that in a lightly dimmed place, quietly talking over a big ass table as well as trying to get a decent conversation in between bites? BORING! Then to a movie afterwards, this is self-explanatory.  Offer an adventurous date where you’re both active, and that personality of yours just beams. 
            Adventurous dates can range from mini golf, rock climbing, even chatting over ice cream is better than dinner and a movie.  In this setting you’re not forced to put on some fancy get up and you get to be yourself.  And competition is always fun. Don’t control the conversation either like an interview process. Initiate conversation and allow your date to ask questions, and have a response. No one wants to go on date and all you’re talking about is yourself. Be a listener as well. Eye contact, smiling, are great body languages that send off a good vibe.  No talk about ex’s , children (if you have any) or anything from the past. It’s really rude bringing up your ex or past. It gives the vibe that your not over them obviously because you brought them up. They’re an ex for an reason, if you still have feelings for said ex do not force yourself on a date just to get over them. Nothing is ever good rushed. But more will be talked about this in another post.  I say no talking about your kids because in my opinion you want the person to get to know you first before ruling out if they want to date you or not because you have kids. It’s sad but it’s true the minute someone may mention kids the other person may be turned off due to the fact of them of the extra baggage that comes with the kids. Extra baggage could be an ex husband/ ex wife or just the father/ mother of the kids. Not knowing if there will be drama or not so it draws the person away from you. Good topics would be anything from their interests, hobbies, jobs etc.  The job topic should not be an “Where do you work, how much do you make” rather it should be “What do you do, and how did you get into that?” The question gives opportunity to offer a more in depth response.  
Basically good conversation and fun is all you need for a successful date that hopefully leads to a second.  If you guys have more tips feel free to leave them in the comments.

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