Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cat Eye!

Giving you drama darling!

Today was one of those hey I want to get out

my comfort zone and try something  new!

I was inspired by a picture I found on pinterest,

which by the way I use for everything.

However my look got more dramatic than the


The picture  you

see to the right

was my inspiration. Now as you see her look has drama but not

at all as dramatic as mine. But a little drama never hurt anybody.

First attempt  at a cat eye but hey practice makes first for anything.
 On to my look:

I started out with a small shape in the crease with a

eyeliner pencil. TIP! Make sure whatever eyeliner

you're using goes on smoothly.Nothing worse than

going over your eye with a sketchy eye liner pencil

not to mention it drags the sking. No bueno!

Going over the eyeliner with a matte black eye

shadow. Blending is  key but don't blend to much

you lose the shape.  Filling in the lid with that same

black shadow making sure to cover the lid. Patting

the color on

the lid to give more emphasis on the black.

The winged part was really a spontaneous moment.

 I did not like the final shape so winging it out

was perfect. Drawing a triangular shape near the

tear duct and just filling it in. The highlight is

something I would change going for a more skin

tone color. I added black liquid liner (why idk)

but on top of that I added NYX glitter liner in a

a gold. My brows are filled in with a dark brown

shadow and went over it with elf's brow duo in


I added a few sparse lashes to the outter corner of

my lid. On my lips I outline them with a black liner

blending with my fingers and going over it with my

Milani's lipstick in Black Cherry.

My foundation is Revlon colorstay in toast ( I

usually use carmel but I'm out so in the mean time).

My Powder I used was Iman in earth dark. Setting it

with elf's makeup spray. 

 I hope you enjoyed this look! Send me pictures you

would like for to recreate at Also follow my

instagram @shalynn_collete.

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