Wednesday, May 14, 2014


 This look was created

out of boredom. I

wanted to try the blue

lips more now because

I recently just colored

my back black.

It's rare you'll see me

with black hair.I must

admit it's growing on

me. I can do more

colorful looks without

worrying about it

clashing with my hair.

( Im just noticing the

unblendend highlight,

my apologies.)

Now lets get to the products.
  Eyes I used: Nyx

white base primer.

Urban decay naked

basics on my lids.

Using faint in my c

crease, mixing

naked 2 w.o.s, and

venus. Going over it

twice with venus.

My usual liquid

liner and my brows

are filled in with a

wet and wild liner.

On my lips I used a

cream eyeshadow

from a revlon palette mixing it with the darkest blue from my bh cosmetics palette.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post I will try to post more consistently .



carley be said...

this lipstick is such a cool color. NYX has some and I want all the colors

Beyond Beauty said...

Thank you .

Beyond Beauty said...

Thank you .