Sunday, May 18, 2014

Overnight diaster made succes!

So I'm pretty sure we've all those nights we stayed over someone's house unexpectedly .  Having to 

sleep in your clothes, or worse your makeup.  It's been times where I had to settle for a tshirt and 

sleep in pounds of makeup, just awful. Waking up with eyeliner smudged foundation left on the 

pillow or couch , talk about emabarrasment.

Well here's the fix to raccoon eyes and bad breath the morning after. 

Overnight bags! Find a cute duffel bag or big enough purse to put all the essentials in.

Victoria Secret, Ross,TJ Max, any store like those you can find some pretty cute overnight bag.

 I know you're reading this like ok we get it overnight bag is important,but how can it benefit it you

if it's at home. The key is leaving it in the trunk of your car or on your backseat. This eliminates the 

process of packing one and/or forgetting it if it's already packed.
Whether you're staying over a boo's house or a night at your girlfriends here's some things to carry.

Any skin care products you use: When going shopping get two of whatever skin care products you use, and if on a budget like me get travel size products,

Makeup remover wipes: This can replace skin care products if you just want to cleanse your face of

makeup just for the night,

Change of clothes: This can come in handy if you have somewhere to be the next day and may not want to go home to change. But the essential clothing to pack would be a tshirt and jeans.

Pair of flat shoes: Essential after a hard night of partying. I'm pretty sure you do not want to drive home in 6 in heels.

Deodorant: Self Explanatory

Tooth Brush/Mouthwash: In my case I would pack toothpaste and mouth wash because I like a certain toothpaste.

Pjs: Pants are preferable because you never know how cool a person may keep their house. Throw in a pair of socks as well.

Those are all the essentials but me personally I'd add some few items.

Here are my extras:

An overnight makeup bag:
I'll do a separate post on what to carry in an overnight makeup bag.


Hair ties, wraps


Those are just a few things. Every person's bag will be different depending on their needs. Now with these products being in your car especially during the summer season be sure to check products and make sure everything is still good to use.

What are somethings you would add? Leave comments.


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