Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Online Boutique

SO I have this idea of oppening my online boutique. I just dont know where to start or where to look for things etc. I know i want to sell women and junior clothes along with shoes accessories and handbags. Of course mark will be included but what other things would you guys like in a boutique such as prices items etc. Also if you have a name for it or ideas that would be great so far I had Fashionably Late Trendy Dayz and Tiger Lilly. If you have any suggestions about opening and online boutique feel free to comment below. I also have some pics below as an example of what I would like to sell.


Jackee said...

Very cute items!! Perhaps you can set up an Etsy store. I don't know much about those either, but it seems to be pretty popular on youtube.

Good luck!!

Beyond Beauty said...

Thanxx :)

Nettiema *RamblingsfromaMotherof3* said...

OMG I love the Black polka dot with Pink ribbon storage boxes..I would so buy them. Your beautylish friend Nettiema.