Sunday, May 5, 2013


Ever leave home and it seems like you're always forgetting something. Where's here's the solution CAR KIT! So I found this idea on Pintrest and was like this would come in handy. The original list had wipes, band aids, Tylenol  gum, tissue, etc. But seriously you can keep that in your purse. Personalize it  to what you feel is important in case of emergencies or just something you want to keep in your car. For me it would be sanitary products, an emergency stash of money, some extra pepper spray, lotion, and whatever else won't fit in my purse at the same time. Now if you decide to make this kit whether it's a small or big one keep it hidden especially if you're keeping something something as money in it. The best place is under your seat in the trunk or locked in your glove compartment. Well keep the money in a little bag and keep that in the glove compartment everything else under the seat or trunk. Decide to make this kit let me know what you have in as well as send pictures :) 

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KLP said...

What a great idea!!

rosina palesado said...

lovely blog :)

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Chrissy Johansen said...

What a fab idea!

I'm having a giveaway over at my blog incase you are interested, I'm over at

Toodles x

Payton said...

Pinterest is so helpful! (: