Monday, December 26, 2011


So if you follow me on beautylish you would know that i'm putting together an organization called Perfect imperfections  which is an organization for girls ranging from 12-18 to help them achieve confidence in their selves. Not only will they learn that beauty is not just skin deep but that it's their personality that makes them beautiful. The girls will be learning things from makeup tips hair tips fashion tips etc..they will also have self esteem workshops and more. We will meet either two saturdays in a month or two fridays in a month. We will also be having guest speakers and possibly taking field trips,giving back to the homeless and shelters as well as raising money for breast cancer.Our mission is to build confidence and independence in our young women and instill in them that they don't have to look like a model to feel beautiful. So if you know any sponsors or would like to make a donation please leave a comment and i will tell you where to contact me. Yes this is a non-profit organization so don't worry i'm not pocketing any money (i'm shelling out my own money) I would really like to start this program by next summer so it would really mean a lot if you could help us out.

Thank you so much for your time.


dmgxoxo said...

I think this is a seriously amazing idea and I'd love to help out some way with this. I don't exactly know how I'd be able to help other than advertise it on both my blogs:

Please contact me with more information if you can? I'd like to help as much as possible, if you're not that far away from me I'd possibly be able to help more?

My email address is

I really recommend that once you have everything sorted you contact ITV news etc... it'd be an amazing way to advertise this...

PS I followed your blog :) I'll look out for your email! xx

Beyond Beauty said...

thank you so much help would be very appreciated if you have an facebook we have a page with all the info on it and if you want to email me you can you so much for the support :)

diane said...

that's an awesome idea. With all the problems a girl faces in her life lacking self confidence shouldn't be one of them. We all need to love ourselves for despite our flaws.It;s what makes us unique. Good on you for spreading the love to other girls.I hope your organization will become a huge success. MAY 2012 BE THE YEAR WE END self hate.

I have a beauty blog over at I hope you can follow it.I always return the favor ASAP. thanks in advance. :) i hope we can be blogger friends :) Looking forward for your visit. :)

Beyond Beauty said...

Thanxx :)

Jessica said...

Great Blog! Would really appreciate it if everyone could spare some of their time to check my beauty blog out..