Monday, July 11, 2011


So I'll be 19 in sept I really don't look it so I'm thinking of going for an extreme makeover. So I'm thinking of cutting my hair like the pics above. I also want to switch up my style to a lil edgy but still sophisticated. A cross between ciara lauren london and rihanna. Lauren london has a very sophisticated yet chic style as you see in the pic to the left and above ciara has and edgy yet sense of girly style. The reason for this makeover is to look more mature. I hear i look 12 14 etc and I know I'll be grateful for my youthful looks later in life but right now i want a more mature look. I usually back out when cutting my hair but not this time. I got alot of good feedback so I'm going for an extreme makeover starting with my hair then wardrobe. So join me my challenge and stay posted. :) wish me luck.

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