Sunday, June 26, 2011


Everybody knows I love palettes, from the big ones to the small ones. I only have a costal scents palette so far but once the money starts rolling in I will have a huge collection of palettes. I personally think everyone should have at least one palette in their collection. New looks everyday, a variety of colors just everything a girl could ask for. Then there are the lip and eye palettes. I have a mark flip it and it can be your go to kit when your on the go or if you don't want to travel with much makeup take this. I can talk on and on about palettes. What are your favorites?
The mark Flip it...No longer available sorry ladies I got it when I became a mark rep.


Erica J said...

hey there! I found yah on beautylish and my favorite palette is the one you have pictured! the light shadow color in the flip for it is beautiful! I am sadly out of it :( but a great dupe for that color is biscotti from the same company, mark.
but anyways good luck on your blog! I am looking forward to seeing what it becomes!
love, erica

Erica J said...

ah I didn't read that you were a mark. rep! so am I! mark (and avon) is responsible for the makeup addiction i have haha- be careful lol

Beyond Beauty said...

Thanxx Im already addicted lol

Emilie McDermott said...

Hey there! I am new to this whole blogging world but I am so excited to catch up on your posts! here is my site:

=) xoxo